A Stylish Diaper Bag by Ethan & Emma 
To Help You Stay Organized and Look Fabulous...
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Coming Soon on Kickstarter with 35% off for Early Birds
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After thousands of surveys and 11 revisions, the perfect diaper backpack is finally here.

Luxury design meets our patent pending full diaper bag functionality with the Ethan and Emma Diaper Backpack. Finally, a diaper bag you can’t wait to carry! 
  •  Timeless Color With Gold Accents Makes It Stand Out From The Crowd. No Matter What You're Wearing, This Bag Will Match!
  •  Special Layering Storage System Keeps The Bag Slim And You Looking Chic.

  •  20 Product Specific Pockets to Help You Stay Organized.
  •  Durable Easy-To-Clean Material Keeps Your Bag Looking New.

Organization is our Specialty, We Have a Pocket For Everything
As a parent, we understand you have a lot of “stuff” you need to cart around for you and your sweet babies— toys, sippy cups, books, keys, phones, drinks, snacks, diapers, and wipes (to name a few)… So we created a deluxe diaper bag backpack just for you, to help make your walks around town, travel, and shopping excursions easier! You will have everything you need in one organized and super stylish diaper bag.

Life is so much easier when you feel organized and in control. We can’t wait for you to experience our Ethan & Emma Diaper Backpack for yourself. We deeply understand your needs, and so we created a diaper bag with tons of smart features to make being a mom even more fun! Here are some premium design features you will adore!
Front Storage includes: 
  • A detachable and machine washable wet bag for dirty clothes.
  • A magnetic smart pocket that allows you to customize the size of the pocket based on your organization needs.
  • A front storage pocket that can hang down from a bathroom door or hanger for convenience.
Middle Storage includes:
  • Three insulated drink holders that fit 16 ounce bottles and cups.
  • Two magnetic smart pockets that allow you to customize the size of the pocket based on your organization needs.
Rear Storage includes:
  • A storage area large enough to fit your books, tablets or a 15-inch laptop.
  • Made from high quality nylon material for extreme durability, style, and ease of cleaning.
  • An insulated side pocket that fits a 4 ounce bottle.
  • An innovative pocket to keep your wipes moist and easy to grab in a hurry.
  • A secret pocket on the back to keep all of your personal belongings out of sight.
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps for extreme comfort and durability.
Here Is What Hollie Schultz (Baby Gizmo Founder with 300,000+ YouTube Subscriber) Says
"Looks fantastic! It is going to keep you looking stylish when you need to carry a diaper bag, and it doesn’t scream diaper bag. It looks like a fashionable backpack!" - Hollie Schultz
Highlights Of Some Patent Pending Innovative Features:
A Special Pocket for Wipes
We specially designed this side pocket for you to store your wipes. Our insulated technology keeps opened wipes moist, and the magnetic closure makes it easy to grab a wipe without un-zipping anything. This is a total game changer for diaper changing!
A Machine Washable Wet Bag
We know blowouts and messes are inevitable, and so we created a special detachable bag for you to put the dirty clothes into, and then easily toss the clothes and then the bag as well into your washing machine. No mess no fuss.
A Luggage Like Pocket Opening
We created the front pocket to open up and then hang down on a bathroom door or hanger, so that you can easily access diapers, wipes, and creams during diaper changes. Enjoy an easier way to change your baby’s diaper!
Ethan and Emma’s Diaper Backpack is for the busy, modern mom. The classic color and style makes it suitable for any occasion. You will look as good at the park as you do at a restaurant, museum or mall…
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